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Tyger J. Colquhoun, GySgt, USMC (former), had been subjected to this humiliating exercise by his Pack, the StormWolves of the Red Dawn Caern. So what if it was basically a mixed-combat championship? It was still humiliating to know he'd be up against lycanthropes who didn't even DESERVE to be called "werewolves".

Who would they put him up against?

The announcer, the same guy who announced the duelist ring from the STAR WARS: Knights of the Old Republic, answered Tyger's wonderment.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I draw your eyes to the dueling ring. Here, two combatants will battle for your viewing and gambling enjoyment. Now, I hope aaaallll your bets are down, because we're rrrrready to roll! In this corner, you've seen him protect and emo about Bella in the Twilight series, now he's here to prove he's the best. I give you… JACOB!!"

Tyger rolled his eyes as the tweener emo-girls all squealed in delight, and the little sparkle-turd strutted about.

The announcer continued, "His challenger, however, has promise! From the universe of White Wolf Game Studios' Werewolf: The Apocalypse, comes a man trained by the United States Marine Corps! He's seen combat in the Middle East with the famed "Jokers" of the 13th Marine Force Recon, and as his Pack's Alpha, he's also seen countless combats against evil like demons and vampires and Darkness himself, (oh myyyyy!) in the fight to keep evil from consuming our world! I give you… Tyger "Clawsinger"!!"

Compared to most werewolves/lycanthropes, the Werewolf: the Apocalypse "Garou" is MASSIVE, powerful, and yet elegant. The average Garou possessed five possible forms: Homid, Glabro, Crinos, Hispo, and Lupus. In human form, they are as varied and normal-seeming as any mundane homo sapiens, with all the likes, dislikes, talents and otherwise therewith. Once the Garou went Glabro, however, everything seemed to change.

In the caveman-like Glabro form, the Garou's body added on an extra 50% of pure muscle mass, and an extra 25% in height. Claws and fangs grew and became pronounced in this form, and human speech became difficult at best. The Garou was now distinctly non-human at close inspection, but from a distance seemed little more than a hulking, muscle-bound human with a truly bad attitude.

Once in Crinos, the wolfman form, everything truly changed. The body became thoroughly wolf-like and covered in fur. The musculature shifted to hold the new hybrid form, and gained yet another 100% more mass and power over the Homid form. The skeleton also changed to reflect the wolf within: digi-grade feet, a tail, wolf-like features. The mind, while still human took on more and more base instinct.

Going further into the beast, was the massive, direwolf-like Hispo form. Here, the Garou turned into the hulking beast of Paleolithic days long since relegated to museums. The next step beyond was the Lupus form, utterly indistinguishable from any other wolf, until you viewed behavior and the eyes.

Jacob howled as he shifted to wolf form and charged.

Well, time to show these little girls their idol is a little twerp, Tyger thought as he shifted forms. Tyger chose his Crinos form. He didn't need it, but as the only rep for the Werewolf: the Apocalypse universe, he had to make this entertaining, at least for the audience. For himself, he was going to PROVE -beyond ANY DOUBT- Ww:tA Garou were the ONLY werewolves worth the name.

Tyger took a deep breath then cut loose with his own battle-cry. The ROAR utterly silenced the audience, and knocked Jacob onto his emo-bitch ass in surprise. Five-inch fangs and Kodiak grizzly-sized claws extended, Tyger charged toward Jacob. The eight foot tall wolfman covered the distance in less time than it took to reload an assault rifle. A solid swipe threw Jacob backwards with a severely slashed shoulder. That same shoulder dislocated when Jacob hit the boundary wall. Jacob yelped in pain and slid to the floor as Tyger circled.

Going human, Jacob managed to reseat his arm, but the injury was going to be the least of his problems. He wasn't trained in anything but looking sexy. Jacob was a sex-symbol for little girls who had no self-esteem and who never would. This guy, Tyger, was a war veteran, a combat-trained Marine, and an apparent fighter who fought things like demons, vampire overlords, and even Darkness himself! But he couldn't let his fans down! Jacob attacked.

Tyger, already bored, let Jacob get a single punch in, but it was a done deal. Three claw attacks sent Jacob flying back to the wall, ripped open in several places. Tyger followed them with an elbow to Jacob's left ear. It was largely over. Tyger's clawed fist rammed into Jacob's gut, Temple of Doom style, tearing open a massive hole. Jacob's body jerked, went stiff. Tyger forced his hand deeper inside the young boy, grabbed, then ripped.

Dozens of people lost their concession's stand food as Jacob's heart, liver and lungs landed in a bloody mass a few feet behind Tyger, but the carnage wasn't over. Tyger grabbed Jacob by the neck and balls, then broke him in half over his knee. Still not finished proving Twilight sparkle-wolves were garbage, Tyger grabbed the bloody edges of the hole he'd made in Jacob, and ripped the boy open with a howl.

Blood rained as the audience went utterly silent at the show of brutal, gratuitous, overwhelming over-kill. Leaving the disgusting mess in the ring, Tyger walked out. Several tweeners had tears running down their cheeks. A media-conscious young man Tweeted the whole thing under "#brutal!".

"It's over. The fight is over." the announcer said. "Tyger has won! But really, folks, are any of us really surprised? Jacob, the sparkle-dog, losing isn't news. You'll have to do better than this to impress us, Gunny!"

Three weeks of Preliminary Round combat-fights later, Tyger was back in the ring, for the first battle of the Semi's.

The announcer's melodramatic voice crooned over the ring again. "Laaadies and Gentlemen! Drrraaaww your eyes to the dueling ring! Have we got a show in storrre for youuuu! Hold onto your seats, and stay back from the edges of the ring! It's wiiild, it's unpredictabllle… it's borderline psychotic… and it's beaten everything that has fought in the Tournament's Preliminaries! Give it up for… The Howling!!"

The grotesque creature howled. Tyger simply spat.

The announcer continued, "But Howling's opponent plans to take him dowwwwwn! Night after night, battle after battle, we've watched this tough wolf rriiiise through the Prelims… In this corner, in his very first ever Werewolf Tournament Semi Final, I give you… Tyger Clawsinger!"

For this battle, however, some sick-minded hater had decided to throw in background music as abuse for Tyger defeating various "champions" of folks who didn't realize the truth. Tracks like kOrN's "Hater", Five Finger Death Punch's "Wrong Side of Heaven" and Haelstorm's "I Miss the Misery" clashed over the ring with tracks like Metallica's "For Whom the Bell Tolls", van Halen's "Humans Being" and Black Label Society's "Funeral Bell".

Howling charged with a howl that sounded far too familiar to the Iraq/Afghanistan vet: "Allahu akbar!!"

Suddenly, it was personal. Tyger was not going to placate this crowd by using his werewolf forms. He was going to shred this grotesque creature using nothing more than his training, his combat experience, and the Every Day Carry pocket-folder he rarely went without. He would also use his unique combination of Tai Chi, Close Quarter Defense, and Krav Maga.

By general agreement, the basic tenant of hand-to-hand combat is to keep your foe away from you; this is not necessarily the case with the Israeli martial art of Krav Maga. Much of Krav Maga is bringing the enemy into a range of little more than 18 inches away and using this proximity to utterly destroy your enemy's body. Tyger, a Marine, and therefore a general practitioner of Close Quarter Defense, trained in his off-duty hours with an Israel Defense Force unit in Iraq for nearly 15 months. At once, he began combining the two styles. Tonight, he put them, and the slow-movement muscle-memory training of Tai Chi to good use.

A solid snap-kick threw Howling back a few paces. Tyger reveled in the feel of bone crunching under his boot. The kick had landed--quite accurately--upon the point of breastbone and collarbone; Howling was finding it difficult to breathe just now. Tyger circled, on the defensive. He had been trained to fight using the least amount of energy while forcing the enemy to waste their own, and he'd gotten very damnably good at it.

Howling attacked with a swipe, and Tyger countered easily. Another swipe, and this time, Tyger struck back, blowing Howling's elbow completely opposite of how an elbow was supposed to hinge. The howl of pain was cut off soon enough by an elbow to the jaw that very nearly severed the creature's tongue. Tyger moved in with his fists and knees, and soon, Howling was suffering from lower and hanging ribs broken and jabbed into the lung and liver, respectively.

Blood foaming at the corners of its mouth, Howling tried to move in for a bite attack. Tyger merely flicked out his EDC folder. He grabbed the evil Howling's jaw and began stabbing and slashing its gut. With an attack speed of nearly 32 feet per second, combined with Tyger's M16-02Z tanto-pointed EDC's 3 inch blade, Tyger not only shredded Howling's guts into burger meat, he also managed--Deadliest Warrior-style--to decapitate Howling in 11 seconds of vicious short-arm thrusts the other werewolf could not defend against.

Going Crinos, Tyger held Howling's severed head aloft and howled.

"It's over! The fight is over! Clawsinger has won! Howling losing to a rookie: is this a sign the Howling wasn't as good as he wished us to believe? Or is Tyger Clawsinger for real? Only time will tell!"
Warrior Challenge Post
This is submitted in response to the October Monthly Challenge… by the werewolvesatheart.deviantart.c… group.

I only went into the first battle of the Semi-Finals as I was running out of ideas by then.

However, if the HATERS out there really want, "DEADLIEST WARRIOR" proved it. Eat THIS, hater: 


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What's wrong with American schools? Well, the fact the HOLY BIBLE and the old-fashioned American ASS-WHIPPIN' are MISSING!!!

THAT's what's wrong!!!

I got taught in schools that ABHORRED any religion that was NOT Christianity, practiced corporal punishment, NEVER completed my undergrad courses and I STILL have the equivalent of a PUBLIC SCHOOL PhD!!!


Jesse Potter
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I am a cynical wise-ass who views life in a fairly realistic and most often fatalistic manner.
I count my Christian faith to be one of the more important things in my life, and I hold onto it with everything I've got. All too often, however, I'll defend my faith in a manner that is too zealot-like to swallow.
I consider myself a writer of the same calibre as Government Warning Label auditors, but I'm striving to get better -- MUCH better.

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Okay, I understand we now live in a world were HETEROSEXUALITY is considered ABERRANT, EVIL, and even a HATE-CRIME.
((A married man and woman were arrested and given 25 years in Max-Sec yesterday for having sex in a motel room in Oregon.))

Is that why 15 out of 3 NSFW adult webcomics are Guy-on-Guy?! Or why the Guy-on-Guy Gay films have some 50 MILLION titles compared to the STRAIGHT section's 50,000?!

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